Elfworkz Motorcycle Service is a small shop run primarily by Tom ‘Keeb’ Fuller. With 2 part time mechanics also on staff we as a team make the magic happen. While Elfworkz operates out of a shop behind keeb’s house we still offer the highest quality work at the most affordable and competitive rates.

We offer basic maintenance:

• Oil Changes for $65.00 (including oil & filter)
• Coolant flush and fill $60.00 (including engine ice)
• Spark Plugs $65.00 (including plugs)
• Brake & Clutch fluid flush and fill $45.00 (including dot4 fluid add dot5 for $15.00 more)
• Brake pad replacement $10 per caliper (YOU SUPPLY THE PADS) Add $35 per caliper if we are supplying the pads – Price is subject to change based on product cost.

Check out our Service section for more services pricing and our hourly rate.

We are not ashamed to offer Tips & Tricks to help you do basic maintenance along with advice and how to’s.